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Various pieces of writing. May or may not be related to video games.

Not actually a blog.

Memories of Dredmor, part 3
The Indie Golden Years
2021 December 29
Memories of Dredmor, part 2
Developing Dungeons of Dredmor
2021 July 13
Memories of Dredmor, part 1
Gaslamp's origin story
2021 July 09
Darklands and the Black Arts of Text
building text-driven narrative in games
2017 February 16
That's The Joke: Writing Humor (And in Dredmor)
how to write funny in a video game
2016 July 13
Confessions of a Freelance Game Artist
how to be a better freelancer
2015 November 12
four drones and a command line from hard vacuum
2015 August 22