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Starsector Portraits

Surly spacepunks, stiff-backed officers of the Hegemony navy, megacorporate execs out for megacredits, we got 'em all.

Portraits as they appear at in-game resolution, with final scaling, shading, and size adjustments.

Pirates and mercenaries; the scum of the sector.

The nicest character in Starsector, Alviss Sebestyen, at full res.

Portraits of the Church of Galactic Redemption aka the Luddic Church and/or the Luddic Path.

A few faces that may be familiar to fans of a certain influencial science fiction 4x game.

Portraits of the Persean League.

Finally, a couple Brigador characters that snuck into the Starsector universe (with permission from the kind folk at Stellar Jockeys). )

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